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Groundsure Energy and Transportation

The Groundsure Energy and Transportation report provides insight into existing and planned energy and transport infrastructure. 

Property buyers are becoming increasingly concerned about possible impacts of infrastructure projects. High profile public concern over HS2, Crossrail, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and windfarms mean that these are real factors that can influence property prices. Similarly, the presence of existing energy and transport infrastructure can be a factor on the potential value and enjoyment of a property. 

Product Details

The report provides a detailed assessment of energy and infrastructure issues that could affect the value and enjoyment of a property.

The information includes:

Key features

Why is this important?

Existing or proposed oil, gas and coalbed methane and shale gas sites. Proposed sites updated weekly. 

Property owners may be concerned with the proximity of renewable energy plants to their property.

Existing or proposed large scale energy and infrastructure projects including the Yorkshire and Humber CCS Pipeline, the Keuper Gas Storage Project, the Richborough Connection Project and 95 other projects.

Large scale projects can be lengthy which could affect the enjoyment and use of the property. Planning records are updated weekly giving you the most up-to-date data.

Identifies if the property is within either an existing licenced block or a block that has been offered for future exploration.

Given the potential high impact of energy exploration and production, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the report enables you to meet your client care requirement and is a valuable addition to your due diligence obligations. Energy exploration is once more high on the government agenda, meaning that the likelihood of property and land being affected is also on the rise.

Identifies if the property is within 15km of existing or proposed wind and solar farms.

Property owners may be concerned with the presence of a wind farm close to their home or business. Some common concerns relate to their effect on the landscape, potential impacts to property price and noise pollution.

HS2 data that includes the route and stations but also safeguarding areas, compensation schemes and 'never seen before' noise and visual impact assessment data. 

Important to know if the property falls within a safeguarding area as the land is protected by the Government from development. This could highly impact the value of saleability of the property or site. 

Includes proposed construction timetable and all Crossrail 1 stations within 5000m radius. 

Helps you to assess potential disruption problems. 

Full route and operational times are included for the London Underground and DLR alongside depth data. 

Possible impacts from the underground rail tunnels could include potential planning restrictions, subsidence, vibration and noise pollution. 

Active and historic railways and tunnels digitised from the highest quality historic mapping available. Also includes location of nearby railway stations. 

Essential information about potential issues. 

£10million professional indemnity insurance.

Can be relied upon by all parties in the transaction. 

  • Historical and abandoned railways and tunnels
  • Railway projects
  • Safeguarding areas
  • Proximity
  • £10million PI