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Landmark Plansearch Residential

The impact of new planning proposals on a property can be substantial. The Plansearch report contains important and useful information about all planning activities in the area around a property. It details potential changes to the neighbourhood to help prospective homeowners make the right decision about their property purchase. Having the information up front ensures there are no nasty surprises such as a view ruined by a new development which would lower the property's value and reduce the prospective homeowner’s potential enjoyment of their investment. If there is a proposal for a new nightclub or supermarket in the area Plansearch will make sure you know about it before the contracts are exchanged!

For more detailed planning information including a professional opinion about future development opportunities that may affect the property, please order a DevAssess report.

Product Details

The Plansearch report includes two types of planning information:

• local authority development plans and development frameworks

• individual planning applications and decisions

 The information includes:

Key features

Why is this important?

A map showing planning applications in the area and a table showing details of the applications.

Local Authority Searches only cover planning applications on the property itself, with the exception of road and rail developments. It is important to know about other planning applications in the area so an assessment can be made of their likely impact on the value and potential enjoyment of the property.

Variable search radii depending on whether the location is urban or rural.

This means the search results provided are more manageable for urban areas but still maintains a meaningful amount of data in rural areas.

Details of land use policies and proposals for individual sites, plus identification of areas suitable for housing, industry, retail, conservation or other land uses.

This information is important for the future enjoyment of a property. Although a planning application may not have been submitted for an area nearby, it may have been identified as an area for industrial development, something a prospective homeowner would want to know about before committing to purchase a property.

Useful contacts.

Plansearch also provides a list of useful contacts at the back of the report that can be contacted to discuss queries around planning.

  • All proposed developments
  • Planning applications in area
  • Local development plans
  • Local development frameworks
  • Aerial photography of the site