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Coal Report (CON29M)

The Coal Report (CON29M) provides property specific information about past, present and proposed underground and surface level coal mining activities.

Product Details

The Coal Report (CON29M) is produced by the Coal Authority and is important for anyone buying property in any coal mining area in England and Wales. The report will highlight recorded mining conditions and information about past, present and future mining operations.

The information includes:

Key features

Why is this important?

Information on past, current and future underground and surface coal mining activity. This is important due to the implications it can have on ground stability and also the ability to build on the land in the future.
Information on coal mining geology on the property. This tells a homebuyer if there have been any faults or other lines of weakness caused by coal mining which could make the property unstable.
Subsidence damage claims. It is essential to know if there have been any subsidence damage claims in the past, because this is an important indicator of future subsidence risk. 
Notification of any record of mining gas emissions within the boundary of the property. This is essential information since methane is often released as coal is mined which can be a safety hazard and is potentially explosive. 
  • Plan extract with any mining features
  • Written professional opinion
  • Clear recommendations