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Homecheck Professional Environmental

The Homecheck Professional Environmental Search Report provides details of past and present industrial land useage and the location of nearby landfill and waste management sites.  The environmental search report provides advice on the risks associated with the property being determined as Contaminated Land under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  It also includes an assessment of flood risk and comes with a professional opinion from a chartered environmental surveyor.

Product Details

The information contained in a Homecheck Professional Environmental Report enables homeowners to confidently assess potential environmental risks that could affect the enjoyment and value of a property.

The information includes:

Key features

Why is this important?

A professional independent risk assessment by a leading firm of environmental consultants. Their professional opinion is provided along with an indication of the likelihood of the property being described as contaminated land (as defined by Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990).

Contaminated land could not only endanger health, but could also limit the use of land and cause corrosion, which may lead to subsidence and reduced land value.

An environmental certificate issued by the environmental consultants based on the level of environmental risk associated with the property.

Potential buyers get a clear risk assessment from environmental experts so they can understand the level of risk involved.

Details of past and present industrial land use.

Some types of industrial land use are known for contaminating land. Knowing what the land has been used for previously can help ascertain the likelihood of contamination.

The location of nearby landfill and waste management sites and details of any storage sites for hazardous substances within 500m of the property.

Risk of contamination is higher where there are sites of potentially contaminative waste in the vicinity.

Details of consents to discharge that have been granted.

Provides reassurance that discharge of dangerous substances is controlled and makes the potential purchaser aware of hazardous substances in the area.

Confirmation of whether the property is in or close to a radon affected area.

Awareness of potential contaminants in the area helps to assess the risk of contaminated land.

A section on ground stability including both mining and natural factors.

 Identifies potential risk to the property

An assessment of flood risk including data on surface water, tidal flooding and whether the area benefits from flood defences.

Flooding can significantly impact the enjoyment and value of a property, so the inclusion of flood risk in this report provides a valuable indicator of likely flood risk. Where a risk is identified, it can prompt the purchase of a Homecheck Professional Flood Report for more detailed information on the risk.

If a property receives a pass certificate, the homeowner will also benefit from a financial contribution of up to £60,000* if a Part 2A remediation notice is served by the Local Authority and where costs to remediate the site would be incurred by the homeowner.

Provides assurance for the future if environmental issues arise and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to fund remediation.

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Professional opinion
  • Environmental certificate issued
  • Details of land use
  • Location of nearly landfill
  • Radon-affected areas
  • Flood risk assessment