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Landmark RiskView

RiskView Residential is a report that has been designed to simplify the task of ordering searches when dealing with property transactions. RiskView fully considers contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability and energy and infrastructure. Each risk is considered in turn and the results are returned in a single easy-to-read report. 

The RiskView report comes with a clear summary front page which only displays results requiring further action or investigation. This significantly cuts down on the size of the report saving you time and is all backed up with “next steps” guidance from expert environmental consultants Argyll Environmental.

RiskView comes with the added benefit of an online viewing platform which helps you to interpret the data correctly and ask any relevant questions. The link can also be forwarded to your clients for their information.

Suitable for all standard residential properties. 

Product Details

RiskView Residential provides reliable information on environmental, flood, ground stability and energy and infrastructure risks that could affect the value and enjoyment of a property. This helps informed decisions to be made about a property purchase and reduces the need for further reports to be purchased leading to additional costs and time delays.

The information includes:

Key features

Why is this important?

Offers clear guidance on the level of environmental risk associated with the property, and the likelihood of the property being described as contaminated (as defined by Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990). Contaminated land could not only endanger health, but could also limit the use of land, cause corrosion and subsidence, and reduce the value of the land. 

Details of past and present industrial land use, plus information on any consents to discharge that have been granted. 

Some types of industrial land use are known for their contamination risks. Knowing what the land has been used for previously can help ascertain the likelihood of it being contaminated. 

The location of nearby landfill and waste management sites and details of any storage sites for hazardous substances within 500m of the property. 

Risk of contamination is higher where there are sites nearby of potentially contaminative waste. 

Confirmation of whether the property is in or close to a radon affected area.

Awareness of potential contaminants in the area helps to assess the risk of contaminated land. 

Provides a screening for potential ground instability, identifying the likelihood of subsidence risk due to natural hazards or previous mineral extraction in the area.

Enables you to clearly see if there are any risks of ground instability that you should be aware of. 

A risk screening to assess the impact of new infrastructure projects on a property, including drilling locations, licences for oil and gas exploration, renewable power plants, wind generation, solar sites and land impacted by the HS2 rail link. 

All of these risks can significantly impact the enjoyment of a property so it is essential for a potential buyer to be aware of ahead of making a decision to purchase. 

A comprehensive screening of all sources of flood risk including data on surface water, tidal flooding and whether the area benefits from flood defences. Includes ESI Limited groundwater data. 

Flooding can significantly impact the enjoyment and value of a property, so the inclusion of flood risk in this report provides a valuable indicator of likely flood risk. Where a risk is identified, it can prompt the purchase of a detailed flood report for more information on the risk present. 

The homeowner benefits from a financial contribution of up to £100,000 if a part 2A remediation notice is served by the Local Authority and where costs to remediate the site would be incurred by the homeowner. This will apply whether or not the report has passed or requires further action due to possible contamination. 

Provides assurance for the future if environmental issues arise and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to fund remediation. 

Insurance claims data

Identifies insurance claims arising from subsidence damage caused to nearby properties. Highlights any real life evidence of the potential for subsidence risk.
  • Covers four key risks
  • Simplifies ordering process
  • Online viewing platform
  • Easy to read report