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Sitecheck Assess

Sitecheck Assess is a comprehensive report with a site-specific investigation into contamination risks within a radius of 500m of the boundary. This report includes detailed location and neighbourhood context maps and current and historical land use data and is risk assessed from a firm of leading Chartered Environmental Surveyors.

For areas of land larger than 2 hectares additional fees will be required. Please login for a quote or contact us.

Product Details

Sitecheck Assess is an environmental screening report which provides information designed for assessing the suitability of development opportunities, and for screening individual sites or portfolios. It is specifically tailored for property professionals.

The information includes:

Key features

Why is this important

A comprehensive site-specific investigation into contamination risks within 500m of the site boundary.

Contaminated land could not only endanger health, but could also limit the use of land, cause corrosion which may lead to subsidence and reduce the land value.

A professional opinion from Argyll Environmental, a specialist in environmental risk assessments.


Provides additional confidence and removes any uncertainty from the interpretation of the report results.

A free re-review service is also offered when additional information is supplied.

Flood risk screening.

Identifies if there is a risk of flooding at or close to the property. 

Energy and infrastructure screening. 

Identifies if there are any projects such as fracking, HS2 and wind farms at, or close to the property which may affect the use of the site. 

Location map and aerial photograph.

These highlight the site and provide an overall view of the area.

Summary of the site including sources of contamination, pathways (eg water, air and soil) and receptors (eg people, plants and property) relating to the site.

A useful summary enabling clear visualisations of the potential risks of contaminated land.

Maps and descriptions of potentially contaminative historical and current land uses.

Some types of industrial land use are known for contaminating land. Knowing what the land has been used for previously can help ascertain the likelihood of contamination.

A map and details are provided of pathways for the contamination of land in the area (eg water, air, soil) and the receptors which may be at risk (eg people, plants, properties).

Helps to evaluate the risks of contamination in the area.

Information on other factors which may affect the site.

Explanatory notes are provided to help with the interpretation of the results.

Useful contacts.

Addresses and contact telephone numbers are included of the main agencies who supplied the data in the report should there be any queries surrounding the data itself.
  • Contamination risk within 500m
  • Current / historical land use data
  • Flood risk information and map
  • Detailed location maps
  • Neighbourhood context maps
  • Professional opinion