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ChancelCheck for a commercial property or development site is an address point search which combines historical parish boundary information, modern mapping techniques and Inland Revenue data to determine if a building is within one of over 5,000 parishes that retain the right to charge for the cost of repairs to the church chancel.

Product Details

ChancelCheck is an address point search that provides confirmation of whether there is a record of risk of chancel liability in the parish in question. It's not just homeowners who live near a church who could be obliged to pay maintenance costs, any property within the parish boundary could be at risk from unexpected church repair bills. If there is no record of liability, a certificate is issued. Where there is a risk of liability a report is produced confirming this.

Key features

Why is this important?

If the address point of the search falls within a parish that does not have the ability to claim for chancel repair liability, the search will be returned as a Certificate. This gives potential buyers peace of mind that there is no risk of being liable for chancel repair costs in the future.
If the adddress point of the search falls within a parish that has the ability to claim for chancel repair liability, a potential liability will be returned and the search will come back as a Report. This enables future buyers to insure themselves against the potential risk of chancel repair liability.
Optional chancel insurance offered where there's a risk. Provides a quick and easy solution to enable a purchase to progress. 
  • Chancel repair liability
  • Parish boundary information
  • Avoid church repair costs
  • Pinpoint search
  • "No risk" certification